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Progressive, Scalable & Affordable Point of Sale Solutions for all industries.

Titan Hospitality and Retail Services (Titan HRS) is an innovative leader in the supply of Point of Sale (POS) software solutions.

Our success in both the supply of turnkey solutions, software for point of sale and other services relies on our customer centric approach.

Our Products

TitanPro is a highly affordable, easy to use, complete retail software and hardware solution for all sectors of the retail industry.

Titan Retail
Titan Retail is a powerful retail point sale and management solution, developed in South Africa

Tradesoft Pawn/Second Hand Goods Software

Proven Second Hand Goods and Pawn Shop Software. At last, an affordable Point of Sale and Administration system for this industry!


Trident Hospitality POS

From the Hospitality Industry for the Hospitality Industry Guaranteed to improve & maintain your restaurant’s profitability.

What Our Clients Say

M. Ferreira

Liquor Store Owner
"My bottle store is in a busy centre and I could barely cope with the 2 tills I had. My bookkeeper was tired of the shoe box of slips and counterfoils I used to drop off. I bought Pastel for her years ago, not that I even get to use it, and not that I would want to either. I was also under pressure to complete and track supplier invoices as well as my stock, which seems to shrink when I'm not around. Titan's tight integration into Pastel has put a smile on my bookkeepers face and my stock control has improved drastically. Now I even sell airtime to."

S, de Beer

Fashion Boutique Owner
"I had a POS system, but they could not offer the levels of support I needed. It's not like I don't know my way around a computer system either. I didn't want to spend more money on the POS hardware; I just wanted software that I could use, support that I could count on, and integration that worked. The level of support and seamless integration into Pastel has stopped all the unnecessary duplication for my accountant. Titan is a perfect fit."

I. Moosa

Hardware and Building Supplies
"My building supplies and hardware shops have been in the family since I can remember. My children have been pushing me to computerise before I retire. They didn't want to use my trusty old electronic tills and manual books and ledgers when they took over the business. I needed something small, cheap and easy. Titan offered a total solution of hardware, software, training and support. it fit right in and would help grow the business."

Malcolm Fischer

Peacock Tea & Coffees
"My chain of Coffee and Tea outlets in the Western Cape has been supplying tea and coffee for over thirty years, but keeping control of the cash and stock in a multi-store world is a full-time job. I wanted a Point of Sale solution that would allow many outlets to talk to one central system, without the need for expensive Wide Area Networking, or an unfamiliar accounting program. Only Titan’s solution allowed me to control my shops with my existing accounting package, and nothing more than a 56k dial-up connection. I can send price changes and updates to the shops, and received daily turnover, cashups, and even stock-take information, without leaving my desk."

Riaan and Demaine van Wyk

DemZa Bake ‘n Pack CC
"There were days when inventory control, month-end bookkeeping, inventory reports, and being in control of the business was a nightmare. Fortunately, through a search on the Internet, we found Titan Point of Sale. Their POS software has enabled us to be in control of the business with minimal effort. We now have meaningful information a button-click away, as well as seamless integration with our financial software. We have exact control of our inventory, we know our stock-on-hand at the stores, and we are better equipped to make meaningful decisions regarding our purchases. The people at Titan are always only a phone call away. It’s never the wrong time to call them, they are never too busy to help and we have not yet encountered a problem they could not solve. They never give up! In this world of Information Technology we find many greedy people, in Titan, we have found a cost effective solution to our complete Point–of-Sale and Inventory needs, and a passion to support the small to medium business in a refreshingly personal way."
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