“There were days when inventory control, month-end bookkeeping, inventory reports, and being in control of the business was a nightmare. Fortunately, through a search on the Internet, we found Titan Point of Sale.

Their POS software has enabled us to be in control of the business with minimal effort. We now have meaningful information a button-click away, as well as seamless integration with our financial software. We have exact control of our inventory, we know our stock-on-hand at the stores, and we are better equipped to make meaningful decisions regarding our purchases.

The people at Titan are always only a phone call away. It’s never the wrong time to call them, they are never too busy to help and we have not yet encountered a problem they could not solve. They never give up!

In this world of Information Technology we find many greedy people, in Titan, we have found a cost effective solution to our complete Point–of-Sale and Inventory needs, and a passion to support the small to medium business in a refreshingly personal way.”