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Titan brings to the retail industry a powerful, yet simple to operate comprehensive POS and Admin software solution – for small stores that require functionality, reliability and ease-of use. Because WinPOS has been designed by people with years of experience in POS, it works the way you think and operate, so it’s totally in sync with the retail industry.

Point of Sale (POS) Features

  • Multi-user Terminal POS System – WinPOS supports POS peripherals, including barcode scanners, pole display, cash draws and POS keyboards
  • Invoicing – WinPOS generates 40 or 80 column reports
  • Quick Search – WinPOS searches by item name or category so that information is at your fingertips
  • Scale Items – WinPOS supports scale items at price per kilogram
  • Discounts – WinPOS accommodates percentage or amount discounts on items or invoices with authorization logs
  • Payment Splits – With WinPOS it’s easy to split the payment of bills with up to seven different payment types
  • POS Cash Up – WinPOS allows for individual Point of Sale cash ups
  • Cash Record – The system keeps a record of all cash payouts
  • Track Rep Sales – WinPOS tracks the sales of your representatives to allow for accurate paying of commissions, as well as quick analysis of performance
  • Print to Remote Destination – With WinPOS it’s fast and easy to print to remote destinations at up to 3 locations
  • Multiple Tax Rates – A useful feature that also provides tax reports
  • Modification Option – You can modify any item’s description or price
  • Re-Print – With WinPOS it’s easy to reprint previously generated invoices

What does WinPOS do?

  • For the small retailer or take away operator
  • Ease of use, totally affordable and upgradeable
  • Handles from 1 to multiple PC terminals
  • Runs on Windows platform
  • Replaces old fashioned till-based systems
  • Includes powerful features for POS, stock control, reporting, purchases and debtors
  • Reports through to income statement level
  • Batch export from the Profit and Loss Statement to Pastel Accounting
  • Off-the-shelf package or turnkey solution options
  • 24/7/365 support
  • WinPOS is compatible on any network running Windows with up to 10 users plus a supervisor
  • WinPOS requires minimal computer literacy and skills
  • WinPOS accommodates various methods of entering data – from manual input, barcode capturing, to programmable keyboard
  • Quick Search – WinPOS features a powerful alphanumeric search feature for easy access to information

Reporting Features

  • Reprint or view – WinPOS allows you to reprint or view previously printed documents
  • Analyze at cash ups – WinPOS provides banking analysis with cash ups
  • Turnover listing – With WinPOS you get turnover listings with tax reports
  • Multiple purchases – WinPOS provides multiple purchase reports
  • Other powerful reports include – Income statement with budgets, day-end reports, accounts payable, PLU and material costing with recommended retail markup, item sales history with graphic capability, discount report, stock loss report

Stock Features

  • Stock Items – WinPOS accommodates an unlimited amount of stock items
  • Real-Time – A powerful feature of WinPOS is the real-time stock report, allowing you to view the exact state of your business and stock holding
  • Intelligent Re-Ordering – WinPOS facilitates re-ordering based on re-order levels or sales history
  • Quick Stock Reconciliation – WinPOS generates an immediate stock reconciliation on stock take
  • Outstanding – WinPOS tells you when orders are undelivered

Purchase Features

  • Daily or Batch Input – WinPOS allow you to input your purchases either daily or in batches
  • Tax Rates – Allows 4 input tax rates
  • Easy Scanning – Scan your products into the system
  • GRN – Easy capture of GRN’s for accurate stock and inventory management
  • Multiple Payment – Allows cash, cheque, credit or EFT payment types
  • Credit Control – WinPOS allows you to monitor and pay creditors
  • Purchase Reports – WinPOS provides as much detail as you require

Debtors Features

  • Preset Credit Limits – WinPOS has the facility to pre-set credit limits. This is ideal for a cashless environment
  • Age Analysis Reports – WinPOS generates useful age analysis reports
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