Titan Retail is a powerful retail management solution, developed in South Africa for both independent, multi-branch and franchise operations. Titan Retail allows retailers to maintain absolute control over all aspects of sales and inventory management, while presenting an easy and professional Point of Sale.

Any POS can save you time, increase accuracy and control with what happens at the till point. But most POS systems involve high prices, complex setup and extensive training & consulting requirements.

Titan Retail is the alternative that removes these barriers with an easy to use, accurate & affordable system.

Titan Retail is designed for operation with both a keyboard and/or mouse or touch screen and can handle any type of independent retail or multi-branch environment.

It includes special features for the retail industry such as sub category management, serial number and warranty tracking, detailed reporting, manufactured items, case lots and point of sale security control.

Titan Retail will automate your till point and your accounting requirements, and it’s suitable for a single store or multiple retail outlets.

Now – stock control, POS, creditors and debtor management is available with one solution.


Point of Sale – POS

  • Live integration to Sage 50c Partner / Pastel Partner
  • Barcode scanning
  • Fast Lookups
  • Multiple Security Levels
  • Touch Screen or Keyboard/Mouse Compliant
  • Shortcut Keys for Popular Items
  • Single or Multi-Lane
  • Suspend and Resume Sales
  • Offline Mode / POS Redundancy
  • Quotes
  • Pro-Forma Invoicing
  • Cash Payout/in Control
  • Customer Discount Recognition
  • Customer Price Level Recognition
  • Customer account Payments at POS
  • Gift Voucher Control
  • Change Delivery address at Tender
  • VAT Compliant
  • Customisable Till Slips / Receipts
  • Extensive Laybye Management System
  • Customer Loyalty Module
  • Scale Integration
  • Customer Price Check (Scanner) software
  • Integrated Cell Phone AIRTIME sales & vending, directly from the POS

    Back Office – Cash & Stock Control

    • Live integration to Sage 50c Partner / Pastel Partner
    • Extensive Security & User Control
    • Till Management
    • Float Issue & Cash-up Controls
    • Stock Take at any level
    • Fast Lookups
    • Detailed Stock Creation & control
    • Sub-Category Management
    • Special Item Price / Period Feature
    • Case Lots Control
    • Serial Number Tracking
    • Warranty Tracking
    • Manufacturing & Bill of Materials
    • Shortcut Key Definition
    • Price Change by Multiple Criteria
    • Detailed Daily Admin Report
    • Detailed Daily Sales Reports
    • Live X Reading at any time
    • Retail specific reporting
    • Deposit management on deliveries
    • Enhanced Price & Markup management
    • Pending Prices & Shelf-Talker management
    • Dedicated Barcode Printing
    • Business Intelligence Module


    Titan Retail POS integrates seamlessly with Sage 50c Partner / Pastel Partner if required for a complete end to end solution.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What are the benefits of investing in Titan Retail at store level?

    • Increased Margins due to better inventory management and reduced shrinkage
    • Increased Sales due to ultra-fast processing and enhanced lookup features
    • Accuracy in the management of reports, sales, stock control and accounting
    • No need to duplicate POS entries into Pastel Accounting
    • Manage all of your stores centrally
    • Receive updates from stores anytime you like
    • Control your debtors, creditors and inventory at a single point
    • Examine sales, profits and expenses per store on a daily basis
    • Control commissions and sales reps from a central point
    • Send one statement to each client, even if they buy at many of your stores
    • Accuracy in the management of reports, sales, stock control and accounting
    • No need to duplicate store entries into Pastel Accounting

    How long does it take to get Titan Retail up and running?

    • Per store – ½ day installation and 3 days on-site training
    • Head office – ½ day installation and ½ day training


    • 100% INTEGRATION – into Pastel Partner & Pastel Express.
    • EASY TO LEARN – staff do not require extensive training.
    • EASY TO USE – requires minimum keystrokes and allows fast lookups.
    • FLEXIBLE – handles any combination of discounts, returns, quotes, pro-forma, till payouts, suspended sales and specials in one easy application.
    • TOUCH SCREEN READY – even faster processing with Touch Screen operation.
    • DISCOUNTS – applies automatic discounts or preferred price levels to VIP customers.
    • SECURE – blind cash-ups mean no more till shortages at shift change or day-end.
    • VERSATILE – prints invoices, quotes, cash receipt and payout forms.
    • MODERN – works with all the modern retail devices including bar code scanners, pole displays, cash draws & receipt printers.
    • REDUNDANCY – with OFF-line technology, lanes run independently and are not affected by network or server errors.
    • MULTI-TENDER – tender a sale by any combination of cash, card, account and/or voucher.
    • VARIED PRINTING OPTIONS – including customizable customer receipts, multiple printers and/or multiple copies.
    • CUSTOMER LOYALTY MODULE – retain & reward your customers.
    • DELIVERY MODULE – delivery of goods from a central warehouse or store, Picking Slips printed automatically at warehouse, delivery notes accompany goods. Create Customers at the Point of Sale, or at store level.
    • LAYBYE MODULE – full Laybye management system, own-defined contracts, optional admin fee on cancelled Laybyes, extend a Laybye, receive early payments. Report on items reserved for Laybye.
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